Volcano's Ohana House

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  Local Attractions

The Big Island is twice the size of all the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Because of its size, it has the most diverse climate - from tropical rainforests to open prairie and snow covered mountains. Volcano is a wonderful location to base your explorations of Hawaii's most fascinating island.

The Big Island was formed by five volancoes, two of which are still active. You can feel the energy of Vocano's neighbor, the magestic Kilauea Vocano, and home of Pele, the fire goddess. For more information on the eruption and lava viewing, visit The Kilauea Eruption Update Website.

After exploring the National Park, there is plenty more to do. Volcano village has a winery, golf course, art gallery, healing center and other shops and restaurants.

Outdoor adventures including walking, hiking, bird-watching and biking. To capture the beauty of the Big Island, take a personalized photographic tour with professional photographers Ken and Mary Goodrich. Visit Hawaii Photo Retreat for more information.

A quick 30 minute drive takes you to Hilo, Hawaii's second largest city. Lava flows, waterfalls, black sand beaches, thermal-heated ponds, coffee tasting rooms and snorkeling are all less than an hour's drive away.



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